Cancellation Policy

We are happy to re-book a scheduled pickup free of charge as long as the driver hasn't been dispatched. For cancellations of airport transportation, please notify us 24 hours prior to pickup time for full-refund. For unforeseen events, please contact us directly. 

For Special Occasions, we ask for a minimum of 72 hours for full-refund cancelation. The deposit taken at time of booking is non-refundable.

Airport Procedure

Once you have collected your luggage, please proceed to the GROUND TRANSPORTATION desk by the exit in order to connect with your driver. State your name to the attendant at the desk and that you are waiting for Town Limousine. The attendant will page your driver from a designated waiting area. You will be directed to the area outside labeled PRE-ARRANGED. If you do not see our driver within minutes of reporting please call our office immediately at 902-456-6345

Terms & Conditions

Town Limousine holds the right to charge the client's credit card in the case of a "No-Show" ​

A "No-Show" is defined by a client who books a reservation and doesn't show or cancel it (see cancelation policy). For Airport pickups, our driver will wait 30-45 minutes after the flight lands until we try to contact you via phone number provided. The driver will wait an additional 15-25 Minutes after first contact attempt. If no contact is made to Town Limousine, the driver will contact Ground Transportation and have the attendant page the client by name provided to report to the desk. 

For pick-ups at Hotels, Houses, or other, Town Limousine will allow a 15 Minute grace period until contact is attempted either via Phone Number or Hotel Staff. Town Limousine will not attempt to make any further contact that may invade client's privacy (e.g. knocking at client's door). If contact is made with Town Limousine, the 15 minute grace period will result after in a waiting fee determined by the company. 

Town Limousine is not responsible for...

  • any items left in the car.

  • any damage to vehicle done by client and/or his/her guest(s). 

  • acts of god, unforeseen traffic, accidents, etc that may delay travel time. 

  • any damage to client's items


No Smoking at any time is allowed in the vehicle.

Consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs inside the vehicle is prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the service without refund. 

Any verbal or physical abuse towards the driver will result in immediate termination of the service without refund.

The driver holds the full right to contact police if he/she feels it is necessary.

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